Thursday, April 7, 2011


Wow! That is all I have to has been a doozy of a week-well month for that matter. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I am so looking forward to Spring Break-the warm California sun is calling me! It is amazing to me that I have been teaching middle school for 135 days! Only 40 to go before summer break! I have been so blessed with a wonderful group of kids this year-last year was great too in a different way. It seems the Lord really does know what I need and has placed me with kids that will help me be a better person and teacher. The last month at our school has been a hard one for sure though. We have had 3 student deaths in the last few weeks-each from differing things-while I didn't personally know any of the students I felt a true sadness with each one. I have been incredibly impressed with how well the school responded and how supportive the faculty and staff have been towards each other and the students. As we begin a new program at our school I am quietly reminded of how I wish that Riley would have told someone about the pain he was feeling-that I could have done something to help him. But alas we cannot turn back time-I can't change what happened. I miss Riley each day but lately I have felt him more and his love for me. I think he would be proud of me-of who I am becoming. This post really has no point and I am I will cut it off here. Have a great day! :)


Mr C said...

OK I found you! Nice post. Sounds like you have more than one guardian angel watching over you! Keep up the good work. Love ya.

mental monika said...

sure it's got a point! love ya!