Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catch Up.....

What an amazing last few months it has many things have happened. The last time I blogged was back in June. I enjoyed the rest of my summer off with lots of playing and relaxing. In July I took a spur of the moment vacation and ran off to Washington D.C. to visit my dear friend Stephanie and cousin/friend Brad. I was able to go and be in our nation's capital for the 4th of July. I was able to be there for 6 days and enjoyed every second...I had the time of my life and was able to find a whole new confidence that I didn't know was inside of me. This may sound silly but traveling cross country by myself was a big deal-I then ventured out in D.C. for 2 of the 6 days all by myself-I was able to see and do things that I could have only imagined. I grew closer with my cousin Brad and was able to meet his amazing roommates who are now my D.C "ohana" (family)

August started and I was able to go to girls camp with the family ward that I had previously been attending-what a great time! I grew to love the girls even more and the leaders as well-it truly made me miss a home ward setting. Then I went to play at Bear Lake for our singles ward activity...there I made some friends that have become some of my dearest. Though Jana isn't pictured here and she has been instrumental in my liking the singles ward :) (she'll be pictured later). We had a blast camping and playing for 3 days-the water was freezing but we had tons of fun-played on the beach and went out on the boats! Yay for friends.

School started at the end of August and I am again at the middle school-I got several students back and gained lots more :) I have a classroom of 15 this year-they are quite a handful but I love them and love the school I am at.

September came and went...I was able to take a fun cooking class with a date and Tys and Melissa-I love those two! I was also able to do a presentation on suicide prevention and awareness to the health classes in the middle school that I teach in. I feel blessed to be able to share a message of hope to those students.

October brought general conference, UEA break, my birthday, and halloween....this year I was able to spend General Conference weekend with friends in Midway,Ut where we not only enjoyed conference but we celebrated Hunter's birthday. Over UEA break I got to take Taylor and Trevor (my cute nephews) to Lagoon! We had a great day! On the 18th I turned 26! Wahoo! I was able to have a great day at work! My class made me 2 cute candy posters! I was able to celebrate for a whole week...I enjoyed Texas Roadhouse with my family (TeKarri has the pictures) and I even went to Benihanas with Jana! We also had a party at Svedin's that Steph put together for all my Logan friends :)-my baby sister even came and got to see me with my crazy friends :). I also got to go with Taylor to one of the BYU games-we got awesome box seats thanks to Hunter! Halloween was pretty uneventful-I had fun dressing up as a tired teacher and wore pj's and my robe to school :) As many of you know I am a bit of a candyoholic-so the day after Halloween is one of my favorite days-candy at 50% off! The last of this group of pictures is from that day :) I went a little crazy! But I still have lots!

Onto November! What a fun month! I attended the Breaking Dawn (Twilight series) midnight premiere with my sisters! We had a blast-the party started at 4 pm the night before and the movie started at midnight! What a fun time-I have awesome sisters! We went with some of TeKarri's friends and had a big size group! I also had some fun allergy tests done-and big surprise I am allergic to lots of things! I also had a great time at Thanksgiving with my amazing family-we were with my mom's side of the family this year-I believe the final count was 44...yay for family!

These last two pictures are ones that while I am proud of I don't love to share the first one I believe it shows how far I have come in the last year! The one in black with the scarf was taken in October of 2010-the purple shirt one was taken the last week of August of 2011...the one in green is from Thanksgiving. I am loving my workout routine and feeling good again! I am grateful for the life I have!


Bressler Bunch said...

Wow Alli! You look amazing.

mental monika said...

Wow, great post! I so need to follow your example and catch up. And LOVE those last pics especially. You are my hero.